Example sentences for: ancestral

How can you use “ancestral” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Inclusion of a gene in the ancestor was not dependent on its presence in all the descendant taxa, as a gene could be ancestral but lost from some lineages or acquired after the ancestor but before divergence of some descendant taxa.

  • A side road makes it easy to visit Gorkha, ancestral seat of the Shah dynasty and city from which the unification of Nepal was begun.

  • In the hills and caves of Zhoukoudian archaeologists found the skull of a new ancestral link to mankind, Homo erectus pekinensis — Peking Man.

  • Though ancestral cultures aren't the mystical epoxy that Huntington imagines, language, religion, and other aspects of cultural heritage do matter a lot in the post-Cold War world.

  • This phylogenetic tree topology resembles that of several proteins involved in core cellular functions such as the DNA recombinase RecA, aminoacyl tRNA synthetases, RNA polymerase and other RNA metabolism proteins [ 21 22 23 ] . This suggests that a CYTH domain was present in the last universal common ancestor of all extant life forms and the extant forms are in part vertically inherited from this ancestral form.

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