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How can you use “anatomical” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • However, factors other than antibody—such as innate or acquired cellular immune responses, age-related anatomical changes, or changes in exposure to pneumococci—cannot be ruled out, and more than one factor may be involved.

  • , neurotensin and somatostatin) in the human brainstem could be suggested, since in almost all the nuclei, located in the dorsal brainstem of humans, immunoreactive fibers containing NK, neurotensin and somatostatin have been observed [ 33 34 ] . This observation is in agreement with the results found in the cat brainstem, in which a clear anatomical relationship between the three above-mentioned neuropeptides has been indicated [ 15 ] . Finally, we hope that our study will serve to compare the distribution of NK-ir structures found in normal human brainstems with those observed, in the future, in brainstems showing a given pathology (e.g.

  • Executive function tasks activate frontal areas such as the anterior cingulate cortex and lateral prefrontal cortex, an area for which certain anatomical aspects have been shown to be highly heritable [ 23 ] . Recently, we described the Attention Network Test (ANT) that measures the efficiency of these three major neural networks [ 24 ] . The ANT is advantageous for genetic studies, insofar as it distinguishes between separate functions of attention (alerting, orienting and executive) that are correlated with the activation of these specific neuroanatomical circuits.

  • The annotation vocabulary subdivides the nervous system into specific subsets based on tissue types (neurons, glia) and anatomical position (brain, ventral nerve cord, lateral cord, sensory nervous system).

  • For example, strokes to the posterior parietal lobe involved in orienting produce neglect of the contralesional space and specific deficits in tasks involved the orienting network [ 12 ] . Reductions in striatal dopamine seen in Parkinson's disease result in an inability to shift sets from one instruction to another, possibly reflecting a difficulty in control of conflict [ 13 ] . Many psychiatric disorders whose anatomical origins may not be well understood also show deficits in attention.

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