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  • In Anabaena (two bars on the right of each panel) the codon usage for leucine, serine, arginine, glycine, valine and proline was very similar for the TrpAa domain of TrpAa•TrpAb in the aroA Iβ - tyrA (p) gene block and for the stand-alone TrpAa protein.

  • Interestingly, the solo versions from Nostoc and Anabaena species group strongly with the animal SGC clade, supporting the origin of the latter forms via horizontal transfer from a bacterial source (Rell BP support 80%, 10000 replicates).

  • This search (expect value (e) threshold for inclusion in profile = 0.01) recovered, in addition to the orthologs of the PRC-H proteins from other purple proteobacteria, several uncharacterized proteins from the cyanobacterium Anabaena (for example, all5315 and alr5332, iteration 2, e = 10 -6-10 -4), non-photosynthetic α-proteobacteria such as Mesorhizobium, Sinorhizobium, Brucella and Caulobacter (for example, SMc00885, iteration 4, e = 10 -4or CAC1676, iteration 5, e = 10 -6), several other assorted bacteria like Deinococcus, Bacillus and Streptomyces (for example, YlmC iteration 4, e = 10 -5) and several archaea with completely sequenced genomes.

  • This is not necessarily inconsistent with their possible origin by LGT because the GC ratio of a putative donor genome could have been coincidentally similar to that of Anabaena and Nostoc .

  • One of these proteins from Anabaena cylindrica is exclusively expressed in the spore-like akinetes [ 32], though its actual function remains unknown.

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