Example sentences for: amniota

How can you use “amniota” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • For example, to get to the last phylogenetic group that contains Homo sapiens and gorillas, the user would click on the "Eukaryota" phylogeny button, then click on the "Fungi/Metazoa group" link in the right frame, followed by the "Metazoa," "Eumetazoa," "Bilateria," "Coelomata," "Deuterostomia," "Chordata," "Craniata," "Vertebrata," "Gnathostomata," "Teleostomi," "Euteleostomi," "Sarcopterygii," "Tetrapoda," "Amniota," "Mammalia," "Theria," "Eutheria," "Primates," "Catarrhini," and "Hominidae" links.

  • The phylogeny for this group then appears in the same right frame (cellular organisms, Eukaryota, Fungi/Metazoa group, Metazoa, Eumetazoa, Bilateria, Coelomata, Deuterostomia, Chordata, Craniata, Vertebrata, Gnathostomata, Teleostomi, Euteleostomi, Sarcopterygii, Tetrapoda, Amniota, Mammalia), along with the two phylogenetic groups within the Mammals (Mammalia), Prototheria and Theria.

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