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How can you use “ammonium” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Indeed, a correlation between EC50 values and quantum mechanics simulations strongly suggests the existence of a cation-pi interaction between a triptophan residue of the ligand binding pocket and the quaternary ammonium of acetylcholine [ 9 ] . A series of grid representations of the ligand binding pocket was generated that accounted for Van der Waals shape, electrostatic potential, as well as hydrogen bonding and hydrophobicity profiles.

  • FLAG-MHCK-C was purified using a combination of ammonium sulfate fractionation and FLAG-peptide affinity chromatography.

  • Crystals were grown by the hanging drop method in which 2 μl of the 7.5 mg/ml dimer solution in 10 mM bis tris propane (pH 8.5) and 200 mM NaCl, were mixed with 2 μl of reservoir solution containing 5% PEG 4000 and 2.0 M ammonium sulfate.

  • For the ammonium nitrate purchase, see Intelligence report, interrogation of detainee, Apr.

  • Examples of donor-acceptor combinations might include: simple sugars and/or amino acids or other organic molecules in the presence of oxygen or nitrate (organisms capable of heterotrophic respiration), hydrogen and ferric ions or oxidized iron minerals (chemoautotrophic hydrogen oxidizers), organic acids and ferric ions or oxidized iron minerals (heterotrophic iron reducers), bicarbonate/carbonate and trace minerals in the presence and absence of light (photosynthetic organisms), carbon dioxide and a reduced metal such as ferrous ions (chemoautotrophs), ammonium ion and bicarbonate/carbonate (ammonia oxidizers), etc.

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