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  • Our time estimate for the divergence of an early-branching eukaryote ( Giardia ) that lacks mitochondria, 2.2 Ga, suggests that it is a primary and not secondary amitochondriate organism.

  • However, because Giardia arose at an early time (Table 1) and branches near the base of the eukaryote phylogeny, the simplest explanation is that it never possessed mitochondria and is a primary (not secondary) amitochondriate.

  • Until about five years ago, it was generally accepted that there was a prior period (before mitochondria) in the history of eukaryotes [ 2 26 ] . The basal position of eukaryotes lacking mitochondria (amitochondriate) in phylogenetic trees [ 27 ] was consistent with this supposition as was evidence from sequence signatures [ 6 ] . However, molecular phylogenetic studies of several proteins in recent years have suggested that some or all amitochondriate eukaryotes once possessed mitochondria in the past [ 9 ] . Based on this new evidence, most current models for the origin of eukaryotes assume only a single symbiotic or fusion event between an archaebacterium and an α-proteobacterium [ 8 28 29 ] .

  • Although the position of Giardia in some protein phylogenies [ 30 ] has been proposed as evidence that it is a secondary amitochondriate, others have urged caution until additional, more conclusive, data become available [ 6 ] .

  • If two or more symbiotic events were involved, this does not necessarily confirm that any of the living lineages of amitochondriate eukaryotes arose prior to the second (mitochondrial) event.

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