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  • This inequality is almost certainly caused by the classic "washin-washout" artifact that has been described for gases with large blood/air partition (Kbair) coefficients [ 47 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 ] . This artifact is created when, during inspiration, the high concentration gas dissolves in the tissues of the bronchial tree, and then, during expiration, moves back into the air, raising the end tidal concentration above the alveolar values.

  • DLCO corrected for alveolar ventilation (DLCO corr /VA) showed no differences between both HTLV groups and seronegatives in either the unadjusted or the multivariable analysis.

  • The angiogenesis in non-small-cell lung carcinomas in patients shows four different patterns of vascularisation: basal, diffuse, papillary and alveolar [ 29 ] . The basal and the diffuse are the most frequent patterns found in squamous carcinomas and adenocarcinomas respectively.

  • For extremely soluble solutes such as ethanol (Kbair = 1756), the expired gas concentration is dominated by exchange with the conducting airway and is almost independent of the alveolar concentration [ 63 65 ] . For gases of intermediate solubility, such as styrene (Kbair = 48) or toluene (Kbair = 18) the effect is less dramatic and has often been overlooked.

  • Most cases of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma are associated with a chromosomal translocation t(2; 13) (q35; q14), and less commonly with t(1; 13)(p36; q14) [ 6 7 8 9 ] . The t(2; 13) translocation results in fusion of a portion of the Pax3 gene to a portion of the FKHR gene, leading to formation of fusion protein Pax3-FKHR.

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