Example sentences for: altruism

How can you use “altruism” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • And just as imperfect altruism toward your children can cause conflict in your family, imperfect altruism toward your future self can cause conflict in your soul.

  • One of the heralded potential examples, predator "inspection" in shoaling fish [ 21 ] has proved something of a controversy [ 20 ] . Various authors have questioned whether the observed behaviour is cooperation maintained by reciprocity in a Prisoner's Dilemma at all, rather than simple by-product mutualism [ 22 ] or some other mechanism [ 23 24 ] . In general, other candidate models to explain altruism among non-relatives have tended to be ignored [ 19 25 26 ] , and the usefulness of Prisoner's Dilemma as a paradigm for the study of cooperation is beginning to be brought into question [ 27 ] .

  • When genes confine altruism to kin, and deny it to needy non-kin, they are in fact failing spectacularly to be efficiently selfish.

  • In our species, the result of this evolutionary process seems to be a kin-directed altruism that is roughly proportional to the closeness of relatives.

  • That's the difference between ordinary altruism, where you care about other people's happiness (though perhaps not as urgently as you care about your own), and what I'll call "imperfect altruism," where you reserve the right to care about how others achieve their happiness.

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