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How can you use “although” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Although some organisms, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus , use the two codons equally, others show extreme preferences: Streptomyces venezuelae uses AAA only 2.2% of the time, whereas Buchneria aphidicola uses it for 91% of lysine residues.

  • In some cases, including P. falciparum and HeLa cells, nuclear staining appeared more intense than cytoplasmic staining [ 2 9 ] . Based on studies with heterologously expressed human PP5-GFP fusion proteins, it has been proposed that nuclear localization requires a stretch of sequence in the C terminus [ 31 ] . However, other sequences or signals are also likely to contribute to nuclear localization of PP5 and its homologs, since rat and mouse PP5, which are identical to human PP5 in this region do not appear to be nuclear in all cell types [ 32 33 ] . In addition P. falciparum PP5 is primarily nuclear [ 9 ] , although it is not well conserved in the relevant C-terminal region but contains a potential bipartite nuclear localization signal not found in other PP5 sequences reported thus far.

  • This has, report the papers, encouraged Democrats to seek a compromise outcome short of impeachment--say, having Clinton testify before the House Judiciary Committee with a guarantee that he wouldn't be removed from office, although perhaps censured and/or fined.

  • Although mathematically convenient, this assumption gives rise to exponentially distributed latent (incubation) and infectious periods, which is epidemiologically unrealistic for most infections, say the authors, who suggest instead that it would more sensible to specify the probability of leaving a class as a function of the time spent within the class.

  • [ 21 ] Although our findings also confirm that patient-caregiver dyspnea ratings were not significantly different (mean difference -0.

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