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  • In one report, ALDH1A1 protein was not detected by Western blot, but enzyme activity was detected using flow cytometry and a fluorescent aldehyde substrate [ 5 ] . In a second study, ALDH1A1 protein was detected using an ELISA assay and activity was detected using aldophosphamide as substrate [ 31 ] . In these two studies, designed to look at the relationship of ALDH1A1 activity to antitumor drug resistance, the levels of ALDH1A1 were low in HL-60 compared to other cell types, corresponding to the sensitivity of HL-60 cells to oxazaphosphorines.

  • ALDH activity has been reported in HL-60 cells using 4-hydroxynonenal as substrate [ 32 ] . However, since this molecule is such a poor substrate with ALDH1 compared to ALDH3, the measured activity likely represents only ALDH3 activity.

  • In vivo , the introduction of ALDH1A1 mRNA into Xenopus embryos induces early synthesis of retinoic acid, while ALDH1A1 expression is detected during the tail bud stages of Xenopus embryogenesis [ 14 ] . ALDH1A2 in the mouse [ 15 ] and rat [ 16 ] has shown even greater specificity and catalytic efficiency for retinal as a substrate.

  • In this paper we show that DPAB is a potent inhibitor of retinal oxidation by murine and human ALDH1A1.

  • DEAB was first used to sensitize the mouse leukemic cell line L1210/CPA, which is resistant to 4-hydroperoxycyclophosphamide (4-HC) by virtue of its overexpression of ALDH1A1.

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