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  • Several of the differentially expressed genes, including aldo-keto reductase 1C1 ( AKR1C1 ), aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A1 ( ALDH1A1 ), and alcohol dehydrogenase 1B ( ADH1B ), function in sex steroid and retinoic acid metabolism (Figure 2).

  • MG-132 is a peptide aldehyde that inhibits ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis by binding to and inactivating 20S and 26S proteasomes [ 49 62 ] . Although 1-10 μM MG-132 inhibited first polar body extrusion in rat oocytes, its activity is reversible [ 42 ] . We conducted preliminary experiments to obtain a MG-132 dose range that would transiently perturb or inhibit OM during meiosis I while enabling oocytes to complete OM following washing out of the compound.

  • To observe the microtubule cytoskeletons of rad26Δ and rad3Δ , cells were processed for immunofluorescence microscopy using standard combined aldehyde (formaldehyde and methanol) fixation and TAT1 monoclonal antibodies [ 65 ] .

  • Biosynthetic modifications to the periphery of the tetrapyrrole ring progressively cause withdrawal of electrons from the pyrrole nitrogens, thereby decreasing their basicity [ 20 21 ] . For example, oxidation of the 7-methyl group in Chl a to the electronegative aldehyde of Chl b reduces the pK of the pyrrole nitrogens by 2 pH units.

  • Besides inhibiting proteasome activity, the peptide aldehyde proteasome inhibitors have been also reported to repress certain lysosomal cysteine proteases and calpains [ 49 ] . The finding that MG-132 can obstruct the casein degrading activity of the calcium-dependent protease calpain [ 50 ] appears relevant to oocyte maturation.

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