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How can you use “age-modified” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • When ratios between the newly synthesised α Lform and the age-modified forms (β Land α D) were calculated, only minor and nonsignificant differences were observed between premenopausal and postmenopausal women.

  • It has been shown that in Paget's disease of bone, a condition characterised by a localised upregulation of bone turnover, there is a significant increase in the ratio between the native peptide form of CTX (α L) and the age-modified forms (β L, D-isoaspartyl peptide and α D) [ 9 ] . The use of CTX ratios may thus be indicative of the significant decrease in the residence time and therefore the average age of the resorbed bone collagen type I fragments in Pagetic patients [ 9 ] . This indicates that perturbations in the normally well-regulated process of bone turnover can result in changes in the half-life of collagen type I within the bone matrix.

  • In patients with breast cancer-induced bone metastases, the urinary excretion of the newly synthesised α LCTX form was more increased than the age-modified forms β Land α D. Compared with NC- patients, the HC+ patients had a 3.4-fold elevation in α LCTX and the NC+ patients had 2.2-fold higher levels of α LCTX ( P < 0.01).

  • The α L/α DCTX ratio reflecting the relative contents of age-modified CTX forms was highly increased in HC+ patients (1.

  • The measurement of CTX isoforms, and the ratios between the native α Lform and the age-modified forms of CTX, indicative of the age of the resorbed collagen fragments, may thus provide clinical useful information for diagnosing and monitoring bone metastasis occurrence in cancer patients [ 11 ] . Such an application of the CTX bone resorption markers may be especially relevant for breast cancer patients, who have a high risk of developing bone metastases.

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