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  • The opossum alpha-2C adrenergic receptor has a EESSTSE acidic serine/threonine motif in the third intracellular loop (Figures 1and 2), which could be a substrate for GRK based on the EESSSSD motif of the alpha-2A subtype.

  • Alpha1 adrenergic antagonists have been shown to inhibit pudendal reflexes in anesthetized cats [ 24 25 26 ] . However, a systemic dose of prazosin (alpha1 antagonist) did not inhibit the EUS EMG activity during high frequency oscillations in the rat [ 27 ] . Thus, although alpha1 antagonism has been shown to modulate pudendal reflexes in the cat, their role in modulating the activity of the EUS during micturition in the rat appears unclear.

  • Clozapine is a widely used atypical neuroleptic with affinity for multiple receptors, including dopamine, serotonin, alpha adrenergic, muscarinic and histaminergic receptors [ 1 2 ] . Although clozapine is effective in the treatment of schizophrenia refractory to traditional antipsychotic medication, it also has a number of significant side effects ranging from the potentially fatal but rare agranulocytosis to weight gain, constipation, seizures and urinary incontinence [ 3 ] . Urinary problems have been reported in the clinical literature with incontinence present in up to 44% of patients [ 4 ] and enuresis in 27% of patients [ 5 ] . Since clozapine has potent anti-muscarinic and anti-alpha adrenergic effects [ 2 ] , it has been proposed that peripheral effects on the lower urinary tract might be responsible for the micturition disturbances [ 6 ] . Incontinence has also been reported following therapy with other atypical neuroleptics such as risperidone [ 7 8 9 ] and recently, olanzapine [ 10 ] .

  • Desensitization occurs both in cell culture systems [ 10 11 12 ] and in the intact animal [ 13 14 ] . In general the mechanisms of desensitization for the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors appear to be similar to those for the beta-2 receptor.

  • The elimination of the terminal two hydroxyl amino acid residues in the EESSTSE motif is sufficient to prevent down-regulation of the opossum alpha-2C adrenergic receptor.

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