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  • In contrast to alpha-2A and alpha-2B adrenergic receptors from several species, the human alpha-2C receptor does not appear to down-regulate in response to agonist treatment in transfected cell culture systems [ 11 ] . By contrast, the opossum alpha-2C receptor in the OK cell line does down-regulate in response to norepinephrine [ 19 20 ] . The reason for this difference is the focus of the current studies.

  • Major pelvic ganglia sections from experiments where the prostate was infected with the Ba-Blu virus were processed with antiserum against β-galactosidase (see below) and also with an antiserum against tyrosine hydroxylase to identify those neurons that were adrenergic.

  • Sheridan [ 49 ] and Iaccarino [ 35 ] came to a similar conclusion regarding heart failure and adrenergic down-regulation.

  • In addition to the hydroxyl amino acid residues, acidic residues may also be an important sequence element for alpha-2 adrenergic receptor phosphorylation and regulation [ 27 28 ] . The region from 300 to 313 in the opossum alpha-2C receptor, which encompasses the EESSTSE motif, is a high acidic region, with 50% (seven of fourteen) of the residues being acidic amino acids (Figure 2).

  • It is commonly believed that hypokalemia identified during the acute phase of SAH is caused by a catecholamine surge following SAH [ 2 ] . In healthy male volunteers, Brown and coworkers [ 5 ] demonstrated that serum infused adrenaline (epinephrine) caused excessive activation of the sodium/potassium-ATPase (Na +/K +-ATPase; Na +/K +pump) as a result of β 2 -adrenergic receptor stimulation; this resulted in trafficking of potassium ions from extracellular to intracellu-lar spaces, leading to a decrease in serum potassium levels.

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