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  • In addition to RD, risk loci for Behçet's disease [ 18 ] , inflammatory bowel disease (IBD3) [ 19 20 ] , hypotrichosis simplex (HSS) [ 21 ] , insulin dependent type 1 diabetes mellitus [ 22 ] , attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [ 23 ] and schizophrenia [ 24 ] have all been assigned to this general chromosomal location by genetic linkage analysis.

  • In other studies, administration of D2 agonists resulted in decreases in hyperinsulinemia associated with obesity [ 36 ] , and it is known that the brain is richly supplied with insulin receptors, including the cortex and striatal areas [ 37 ] , suggesting an intriguing link between insulin resistance, characteristic of obesity, and dopamine-mediated psychiatric symptoms, including ADHD.

  • The subgroup of patients having Obesity III showed a larger difference in mean BMI change, that is, BMI loss by ADHD status for members of this subgroup was: NAD 7.0 (SD 4.0), AD 2.9 (SD 4.5) and ADSx 3.4 (SD 2.8) (F = 6.09, df = 2,58, p = 0.004).

  • At the time diagnoses had been made, a behavior was not considered a symptom of ADHD if occurring only in association with obesity treatment, for example, trouble adhering to diet or exercise plans.

  • People with depressive-spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, and adult ADHD tend to smoke heavily, which suggested to researchers that nicotine may soothe their symptoms.

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