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  • The HhH domain is a small nucleic acid-binding module comprised of two helices joined by a central loop (hairpin), which functions as the DNA-binding moiety of numerous repair and recombination proteins [ 27 28 ] . Two HhH modules are predicted in the core conserved domain of the RAD52 family, the first one bounded by the predicted helices 2 and 3, and the second one bounded by helices 5 and 6 (Fig.

  • After the analysis of 128 sib-pairs using quantitative trait sib-pair analysis, they observed a significant linkage between maximal insulin action and the intestinal fatty acid-binding protein 2 (FABP2) gene and the annexin V (ANX5) gene on chromosome 4q [ 5].

  • Aggrecan and versican are aggregating proteoglycans that are key constituents found in the extracellular matrix [ 41 ] . Both proteoglycans contain amino-terminal hyaluronic acid-binding regions, central core glycosaminoglycan attachment domains, and carboxyl-terminal domains containing EGF-like modules (one in aggrecan and two in versican), C-type lectin like modules and complement regulatory protein-like modules [ 49 50 ] . Fibulin-1 exhibits calcium-dependent binding to the carboxyl-terminal domain of aggrecan and versican [ 41 ] . The binding site of aggrecan to fibulin-1 maps to the type II EGF-like modules 8-9 and the carboxyl-terminal domain of fibulin-1 [ 41 ] . The binding site of versican to fibulin-1 maps to the type II EGF-like modules 2-8 of fibulin-1 [ 41 ] .

  • In these proteins, the GOLD domain co-occurs with lipid-, sterol- or fatty acid-binding domains such as PH [ 20, 21], Sec14p [ 22], FYVE [ 23], oxysterol binding- and acyl CoA-binding domains, suggesting that these proteins may interact with membranes.

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