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  • Abscisic acid response elements (ABREs) are important during the plant's response to abiotic stresses such as dehydration, salinity and cold, all of which are ABA-mediated [ 82 83 ] . There is evidence that ROS are involved in ABA signaling [ 84 ] . The enrichment of the ABRE motif in the promoter sequences of the genes in the stress cDNA collection may reflect crosstalk among stress signaling pathways mediated by common second messengers, such as H 2 O 2 . The over-representation of the SA-inducible element in the promoter sequences of the genes in the stress cDNA collection, especially those in the SA library, further validates the enrichment of the stressor-specific genes using the SSH technique and suggests that these genes may be regulated by the changes in the levels of SA that occurs in stress responses [ 85 ] .

  • Because fungal pathogens appear to have similar abiotic requirements for growth as most fungi [ 1 13 15 16 ] , it is likely that fungal pathogens would show correlations with climate that parallel those reported in this study.

  • Biological processes, in contrast to abiotic mechanisms, do not make use of the range of possible organic molecules.

  • Some have been identified by screening with animal homologs whereas others have been identified by sequencing the genes induced in response to biotic and abiotic signals.

  • Several groups [ 17 18 ] have used existing expressed sequence tag (EST) collections to carry out microarray experiments in initial efforts to identify genes whose expression levels change in response to pathogens and various abiotic stresses.

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