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  • Nucleoplasmin is the most abundant protein in the Xenopus oocyte nucleus and is the protein for which the term molecular chaperone was coined due to its multiple roles in the assembly of nucleosomes during early frog development [ 1 ] . Nucleoplasmin forms a pentamer and its stretches of acidic residues bind to histone H2A and H2B.

  • In Case 2, the exchange occurred within an identical pentamer (atttt) (Fig.

  • Similarly, the ZAS-C pentamer together with its complement form the canonical RSS heptamer palindrome "CACTGTG".

  • We had previously shown by methylation interference analysis that KRC/ZAS-C bound specifically to the sequence TGTGG within the context of the canonical RSS heptamer plus the immediately flanking guanine [ 14 ] . Because the pentamer motif for KRC/ZAS-C predicted by MEME completely matched with the empirical results, we conclude that the two pentameric motifs discovered by MEME are likely authentic binding sites for KRC/ZAS-N as well.

  • The crystal structure of the zinc finger pairs of tramtrack-DNA duplex revealed that the two fingers together contacted 5 base-pairs "A 1G 2G 3A 4T 5" in the major groove of DNA: The first finger interacts with A 1G 2G 3while the second finger interacts with G 3A 4T 5 [ 33 ] . By inference, each zinc finger pair of KRC might also bind to a pentamer.

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