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How can you use “paddle” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • A suggested solution to the semantic confusion would be to sharpen the distinction between paddleball and racquetball . These games could be defined simply as ` handball played with a paddle,' the only difference being that paddleball employs a perforated wooden racquet and a large spongy ball, while racquetball , which is rapidly pushing both handball and paddleball into obscurity, employs a small strung racquet and a lively rubber ball.

  • The water-filled bucket has now rested, silent and waiting, until the cannonball strikes the paddle wheel, whereupon the wheel spins, the red rope winds up, pulling the water-filled bucket up the well, up against the axle, which tilts the bucket over  you will have to imagine this part  and pours the water into a long funnel that slopes down from the wellhead toward my bean field.

  • A scythe rifle consisted of a stick of wood flattened on two sides like a paint paddle, then smeared with Le Page's glue and sprinkled liberally with the dried sand from a boiling spring.

  • To begin with let us list some of the official racquet games, both ancient and modern, that may be defined in a standard dictionary or encyclopedia of sport: tennis; lawn tennis; squash tennis; paddle tennis; platform tennis; table tennis; paddleball; racquetball; squash racquets; badminton; and racquets . The most obvious characteristic of this list is that most of these games appear, at least, to be variations of the game of tennis , yet in reality they cannot be technically classified as such.

  • Crushed leaves of Nicotiana tabacum are applied to wounds in Guatemala [ 63 ] . The steam vapour was a general cure-all in Latin America and the Caribbean [ 16 104 ] . Historically, powdered tobacco was burnt on the blade of a paddle as a propitiatory offering to the local boa snake ( Constrictor orophias ) [ 16 ] . The plant contains nicotine, malic and citric acids, phenolic acids (chlorogenic, quinic, nicotinic), flavonoids (rutoside), coumarins and enzymes [ 81 ] . Presumably the nicotine in the dog's nose would act as a stimulant.

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