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  • T helper epitopes have become common components of synthetic vaccine constructs due to their ability to provide immunological help for both humoral and cell-mediated responses [ 11 14 15 16 ] . T cell epitopes that can induce helper activity by binding to a wide range of HLA-DR alleles have been developed by a number of investigators using various antigen systems [ 17 18 19 ] . T cell epitopes that have the property of binding across a wide range of HLA-DR haplotypes are necessary for the construction of synthetic vaccines that would be useful in the human population as a whole.

  • Immunological techniques

  • It should be emphasized that NOD mice have a partial defect in thymic negative selection [ 25 26 ] , a defect in FcγRIIB (that can negatively regulate anaphylactic reactions [ 27 28 ] ), and perhaps other genetic polymorphisms that may result in immunological hyperresponsiveness.

  • These microdomains recruit an impressively large number of cellular proteins and regulatory molecules such as Rho, profilin, actin, caveolin-1, CD44, and phosphotidylinositol 4,5-biphosphate (PIP2), and have been shown to be important in a variety of cellular functions in health and disease [ 27 28 29 ] . Recently, a number of pathogens have been shown to hijack these sites for their entry, exit, and assembly; such agents include many RNA viruses such as HIV, measles virus, influenza virus, and RSV [ 29 30 31 32 33 ] . In a very recent study [ 34 ] , filamentous RSV was confirmed to exit through membrane microdomains, and immunological analysis placed RSV proteins F, N, and P at these sites.

  • These reactions are caused by histamine release, and are not mediated by an immunological mechanism [ 10, 11].

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