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  • The AGC VIII (flowering plant PVPK1 protein kinase homology) subfamily was also not represented in humans, although the DBF2/DBF20 branch contains members that are approximately 30% identical to plant AGC VIII subfamily members.

  • Identified components of the MEN include Tem1 (a GTP-binding protein), Lte1 (a putative guanine nucleotide releasing factor), Nud1 (a spindle-pole-body protein), Cdc15 (a protein kinase), Dbf2/Mob1 (a protein kinase complex), Cdc5 (a Polo-like protein kinase), and Cdc14 (a protein phosphatase).

  • Transcription has been postulated to play an important role in triggering exit from mitosis [ 20 ] . For example, Dbf2, a protein kinase that promotes exit from mitosis, is associated with the CCR4 transcription regulatory complex [ 21 ] . In addition, the Swi5 transcription factor activates SIC1 expression during late anaphase, and both sic1Δ and swi5Δ are synthetically lethal with

  • To evaluate whether the net1(7m) and net1(19m') phosphosite mutants have an impact on FEAR, we analyzed Cdc14 localization in synchronous populations of dbf2-1 , net1(7m) dbf2-1, and net1(19m') dbf2-1 cells following release from an α-factor block in G1 phase at 25°C to α-factor-free medium prewarmed to 37°C (nonpermissive temperature for dbf2-1 ). As shown in Figure 6D, the percentage of cells that completely released Cdc14 during early anaphase (spindle length 0-8 μm) was reduced by ~50% in net1(7m) and ~25% in net1(19m') cells compared with wild-type cells.

  • First, net1(7m) and net1(19m') mutants exerted a modest effect on release of Cdc14 from the nucleolus, in that ~40% of cells with long mitotic spindles retained focal localization of Cdc14 and that both net1 phospho-site mutants displayed a modest defect in 'Cdc14 early anaphase release' (FEAR; [ 26 ] ). Second, net1(19m') showed a synthetic growth defect when combined with dbf2-1 or the msd2-1 allele of CDC5 . Third, phosphorylation site mapping of Net1 purified from arrested cdc14-1 cells (WS and SC, unpublished data) revealed that at least one (S231) of the five in vivo phosphorylation sites in the first 341 amino acids was directly phosphorylated by Cdc5 in vitro . Nevertheless, because expression of neither Net1(7m) nor Net1(19m') had a major impact on exit from mitosis, any direct effect of Cdc5 on Net1 appears to be minor, and the requirement for Cdc5 in the release of Cdc14 might arise principally from phosphorylation of other release-promoting proteins.

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