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  • The mouse TCR αchain J gene segments (TCRAJ) and the human Igκ light chain genes (IgVκ) were analyzed, taking advantage of the fact that both loci have been sequenced and the location and sequence of their RSSs have been characterized [ 45 46 ] . Of the 97 IgVκ gene segments listed, 42 (43%) have a nonamer, a heptamer or both matching a sequence within the datasets (Figure 15).

  • Our finding that KRC binds to the RSS as well as the κB motif may also provide a link between transcription and recombination in the context of the accessibility model [ 58 59 ] . Enhancer or promoter elements are important for the recombination process in cell lines and animal models [ 60 ] . Similarly, expression of transcription factors, in conjunction with the recombination activating genes, has been shown to induce V(D)J recombination in non-lymphoid tissues by rendering RSS accessible to the recombinase [ 61 ] . The κB motif, first found in the Igκ light chain [ 62 ] , and later in the TCR β2 locus [ 31 ] , has been shown to promote V(D)J recombination by modulating locus accessibility [ 63 ] . In addition to influencing recombination by binding of RSS, KRC binding of the κB motif may modulate accessibility and transcription of target loci.

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