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  • The cross reactive phages from the eluted phage were then subtracted by panning sequentially against human TNFR1, TNFα and TNFβ as a way to obtain peptides specific to the original target.

  • The mammalian tachykinin peptides include neurokinin A (NKA), neurokinin B (NKB) and substance P (SP) [ 1 ] . It is known that these three neuropeptides have a common C-terminal amino acid sequence and that NKA and SP are derived from the preprotachykinin A gene, whereas NKB is derived from the preprotachykinin B gene.

  • They found that treatment with the peptides led to the induction of a population of T cells that were capable of suppressing the proliferation of allergen-reactive T cells in vitro.

  • Among the examples we encountered while annotating the D. melanogaster genome were: the occurrence of distinct transcripts with overlapping UTRs but non-overlapping coding regions, leading us to modify our original definition of 'alternative transcript'; the existence of dicistronic genes, two or more distinct and non-overlapping coding regions contained on a single processed mRNA, requiring support for one to many relationships between transcript and peptides; and trans -splicing, exhibited by the mod ( mdg4 ) gene [ 39], requiring a new data model.

  • However, both GAD65 and GAD67 mRNA can be detected in the thymic medullary epithelial cells in mice [ 24 ] . Thus, despite thymic expression of GAD65 and GAD67 at the level of mRNA, NOD mice spontaneously develop autoreactivity to these islet (and brain) expressed proteins, and re-challenge of mice that have been immunized with peptides from GAD65 results in severe anaphylactic reactions.

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