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  • These mice also develop autoimmunity against thyroid and gastric parietal cells [ 22 ] . It is well established that these mice with ovarian autoimmunity also develop circulating autoantibodies against the oocyte cytoplasm, the zona pellucida, and against steroid producing cells [ 22 ] . While we found evidence that one half of our patients had specific antibodies directed against the zona pellucida, we did not find any consistent pattern of immunofluorescence to suggest that our patients had antibodies directed against the oocyte cytoplasm or the steroid producing cells of the ovary.

  • When we tested the sera on three separate occasions with this method, we found 9 patient sera (35%) and 6 control sera (23%) to be consistently positive for zona pellucida antibody ( P = 0.38).

  • We graded fluorescence of the zona pellucida on the same 0 to 3+ scale as noted above.

  • There is now compelling evidence demonstrating that CD9, a tetraspan membrane protein, is present on the oolemma and essential for sperm-egg fusion, possibly by organizing functional multimolecular complexes in the egg [ 7 ] . Glycosyl-phophatidyniositol (GPI)-anchored proteins have also been described on the oolemma and implicated in sperm-egg fusion; removal of GPI-anchored protein from the egg plasma membrane results in greatly reduced fertilization rates without affecting sperm-zona pellucida binding [ 8 ] . Other egg surface molecules are the adhesion molecules NCAM, VCAM-1, ICAM-1 and ECAD [ 9 ] , and the selectins [ 10 ] . Additionally, the IgG receptor [ 11 ] , complement receptors C1q [ 12 ] , CD35 and CD11b, [ 13 ] and the Fc gamma receptors [ 14 ] exhibit oolemmal expression in a variety of mammalian species.

  • Positive was defined as the presence of homogeneous fluorescence on the zona pellucida above background and negative was defined as any fluorescence less than this.

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