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  • A reporter construct containing the basal promoter of the rat RIIβ 5'-flanking region (-394 to -123) upstream of a CAT-reporter gene (pCATbasic; Promega, Madison, WI) was used for assaying RIIβ promoter activity [ 18 ] . Expression vectors for USF1, USF2a and USF2b inserted 3' of the CMV promoter in pCR™3 (Invitrogen, Groningen, The Netherlands) were used to overexpress USF isoforms [ 12 ] . C/EBPβ LAP (full-length) and LIP (DNA-binding domain) expression vectors created in pCMV™3 (Stratagene, La Jolla, CA) were appreciated gifts from Dr. Shizua Akira (Hyogo College of Medicine, Hyogo, Japan).

  • HEK 293 cells grown in 10 cm diameter dishes were transfected with either pCMV5- His 6 Rab24 or pCMV5- His 6 Rab24(D123I) as described earlier.

  • 45-263) followed by subcloning the PCR products into the EcoR1/Xho1 sites of the modified T7-pCMV6 vector.

  • pCMV5 expression vectors containing Rab24 and Rab1B were engineered by overlap-extension PCR to encode the following chimeric proteins: Rab24/Rab1B, consisting of residues 1-165 of Rab24 [ 24 ] fused to residues 163-201 from Rab1B [ 80 ] ; Rab24(D123I)/Rab1B, consisting of residues 1-165 of Rab24 with the D123I substitution, fused to residues 163-201 of Rab1B; Rab1B/Rab24, consisting of residues 1-162 of Rab1B fused to residues 166-203 of Rab24; and Rab1B(N121I)/Rab24, consisting of residues 1-162 of Rab1B with the N121I substitution, fused to residues 166-203 of Rab24.

  • This sequence was cloned into pCMV5, in-frame with a 5' myc epitope tag sequence, and altered to encode the N124I substitution as stated above for Rab24.

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