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How can you use “particularly” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The alterations in COX-2 expression observed in IDO-expressing RAW and MC57 cells are a particularly interesting feature of our results.

  • Mounting evidence suggests that the pre-TCR does not require interaction with a ligand to perform its function, and the subsequent CD44 -25 -(TN4 or pre-DP) to DP transition has been termed "programmed differentiation" to indicate that this step can occur in isolated thymocytes, presumably without input from extrinsic signals [ 25 26 27 ] . However, there is also evidence that the thymic microenvironment does contribute signals required for the TN-DP transition, particularly to promote thymocyte proliferation and apoptosis [ 13 28 29 30 ] . The specific nature and purpose of the TEC contribution during this important transition therefore remains to be determined.

  • Critical windows of activity in the sheep include: somatic ovarian tissue differentiation (from the gonadal ridges of the mesonephros) and growth (up to Day 50 of gestation); germ (from yolk sac endoderm) and pregranulosa (derived from the ovarian surface epithelium) cellular migration into and colonization of the ovaries (Days 30-65); clonal expansion of oogonia (Days 35-75); onset of meiosis and arrest (by Day 80) at the dictyate stage of prophase (the first division of meiosis is not completed until ovulation); and ovigerous cord regression and primordial follicle emergence (Days 65-110) [ 1 31 32 33 ] . It seems apparent that germ cells are particularly vulnerable to a metabolic insult when in the phasic transition between mitosis and meiosis I.

  • She said that his arrest while under sedation in a London hospital was "inhumane" and "unlawful," and that while Chileans have so far responded to it "with great restraint," it should not be assumed that they will continue to do so, "particularly if Sen.

  • And that's particularly true when the concept of the lean and mean corporation has attained the status of dogma.

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