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  • Their two primary objectives were to determine phylogenetic relationships for all organisms, including those that can only be observed with a microscope, using a single molecular chronometer, the ribosomal RNA (rRNA), and to predict the correct structure for an RNA molecule, given that the number of possible structure models can be larger than the number of elemental particles in the universe.

  • In order to correlate the properties of CAP in soluble and micronized forms, it was necessary to establish whether or not micronized CAP would bind HIV-1 virus particles and HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins, and induce the formation of gp41 six-helix bundles, a marker of irreversible virus inactivation, as did soluble CAP [ 37 ] . First it was established that HIV-1 gp120 bound to micronized CAP (provided in the form of micronized CAP particles or of a commercial product, "Aquateric", containing about 66% of CAP and used for enteric coating of tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical industry [ 54 ] ); (Fig.

  • The latter finding was confirmed by the observation that HIV-1 BaL gp120 was no longer precipitable by 3% PEG or pellettable by centrifugation after treatment of the virus with cellulose sulfate, unlike gp120 associated with untreated virus particles (Fig.

  • ' However, since French compounds tend to be rather explicit, and their components are generally strung together by all kinds of grammatical particles (conjunctions, prepositions, articles), this method often leads to tapewormish constructions, such as espace extra-atmosphérique for `outer space' or boucle en épingle à cheveux for `hairpin loop.

  • Evidence suggests that this results in the high level transcription of the TED genome by the viral RNA polymerase [ 17] and could lead to the production of TED virus-like particles concomitant with the baculovirus late gene expression.

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