Example sentences for: parroting

How can you use “parroting” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • He looks like a suck-up student who thinks he can get a good grade by parroting the professor's buzzwords.

  • But they also don’t seem to mind when the tranquillity of a Zen temple rock garden is shattered by recorded announcements blaring from loudspeakers parroting the information already contained in the leaflets provided at the ticket office; when heavy-metal pop music loudly emanates from the radio of the middle-aged owner of a corner grocery store; and when parks, gardens, and hallowed temples are ringed by garish souvenir shops whose shelves display both the tastefully understated and the hideously kitsch.

  • But sainthood, I learned soon enough, is a fateWorse than life, nights on call for the demonsIn a vomiting lamb, a dry breast, a broken radio,And days spent parroting the timeless adages,Spent arbitrating water rights, property lines,Or feuds between rival herdsmen over scrub brush,Spent blessing every bride and anyone's big-belliedFourth or fifth wife, praying that they deliver sons.I thought back to the time, not ten feet from him,I heard a homily delivered by old John XXIII,Sounding wholly seraphic in his murmured Italian.

  • An analysis piece inside sees the crisis as an affirmation of America's economic power (parroting a piece in yesterday's WP ). The LAT has two front-pagers: The lead says summit heads want to reassure global investors of Asia's stability; the other story claims the public is pressuring Japan to rescue its ailing banks.

  • As I suggested above, they should not be paid much heed, being either the result of misconception, ignorance, lack of understanding, just plain bigotry and prejudice, or—surely later on during the dictionary controversy of the 1960s—the mere business of parroting others' Webster -bashing.

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