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  • Although the pathologic processes that underlie the development of erosions are incompletely understood, a considerable body of evidence has suggested that a pannus of cells that originate in chronically inflamed, proliferative synovial tissue becomes locally invasive, and enzymatically degrades the matrix of the articular cartilage and periarticular bone [ 4].

  • The antigen-induced arthritis model of rheumatoid arthritis in rabbits demonstrates persistent active inflammation for several months after the intra-articular injection of antigen, including hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the synovial lining cells, pannus formation with articular cartilage erosion, and chronic infiltration of synovium by lymphocytes and plasma cells [ 13 ] . In addition, Dijkstra and colleagues [ 15 ] found macrophages in the superficial layer of the synovium, where they might secrete enzymes and oxygen radicals into the joint space, which can lead to cartilage erosion [ 9 ] . The protein levels in lavage fluid from arthritic joints in this model are low enough to allow direct testing by Western blot analysis without immunoaffinity purification, as was needed with the human aspirates.

  • Sections were evaluated in a blinded manner for histologic signs of arthritis and scored as follows: 1, synovial cell proliferation, synovial hypertrophy with villus formation and/or fibrin deposition; 2, inflammation, synovitis and/or generalized inflammation; 3, cartilage disruption, chondrocyte degeneration and/or ruffling of cartilage surface and/or dystrophic cartilage; and 4, joint destruction, cartilage erosion with abundant inflammation and pannus formation with bone erosion.

  • It has been postulated that the locally invasive cells that form the aggressive pannus have acquired a transformed phenotype, and analogies to invasive cancer cells have been made [ 26].

  • In view of the analogies between erosion formation in arthritis and tumor invasion in cancer, we hypothesized that activated MMP-2 and possibly MMP-9 might play an important role in the early stages of invasion of synovial pannus into bone and cartilage.

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