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  • The methylation status of the maize r1 genes and Arabidopsis PAI genes is altered upon paramutation [ 12 19 ] , while that of maize b1 is not [ 1 ] , except, in the non-conventional way, in the distal paramutation-control region of b1 [ 18 ] . Conversely, extensive exposure of a wild-type Arabidopsis SUPERMAN allele to a heavily methylated and transcriptionally silenced epiallele did not reveal any trans-silencing [ 20 ] .

  • Paramutation has been studied extensively for four maize loci that encode transcriptional regulators of pigment biosynthesis [ 1 ] . Paramutation has also been investigated in the Arabidopsis PAI gene family, at the a1 and chalcone synthase (CHS) transgene loci in petunia, and in a number of other cases [ 2 3 4 ] . The Arabidopsis resistance gene BAL/CPR1 displays a related form of epigenetic instability [ 5 6 ] . Interactions resembling paramutation also occur among non-allelic transgene loci with DNA sequence homology.

  • In contrast, in the PAI gene family, combining the master locus (WS ecotype PAI1/PAI4 ) with a non-allelic singlet target locus possessing 100% sequence identity (Columbia PAI2 ) resulted in methylation after two generations of heterozygous contact, and methylation became more pronounced after another two generations [ 12 ] . Likewise, in the petunia CHS gene family, interaction between an epiallele of the direct-repeat locus, CHS41, with two types of target loci, either an unlinked inverted repeat locus or a more naïve allele of CHS41, was initially additive and only became suppressive in the second generation [ 4 10 ] .

  • PAI conceived of the study and participated in its design and coordination.

  • For example, an inverted repeat allele of the tryptophan biosynthetic gene PAI resident in the WS ecotype of Arabidopsis silences homologous PAI alleles, as well as unlinked PAI genes, from the Columbia ecotype [ 2 ] . Likewise, complex synthetic transgenes composed of PAI inverted repeats were able to trans-methylate homologous, yet non-allelic, target loci [ 12 ] . Similar events have been observed in other species [e.g.

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