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  • Presently, there is no proven sensitive and specific serum test to confirm that a woman has ovarian failure on an autoimmune basis [ 7 ] . Histologic evaluation of the ovary is the only way to diagnose autoimmune oophoritis with certainty [ 17 ] . Nonetheless, some clinicians currently use commercial ovarian antibody tests for the diagnosis of autoimmune premature ovarian failure and make treatment recommendations based on these findings.

  • These mice also develop autoimmunity against thyroid and gastric parietal cells [ 22 ] . It is well established that these mice with ovarian autoimmunity also develop circulating autoantibodies against the oocyte cytoplasm, the zona pellucida, and against steroid producing cells [ 22 ] . While we found evidence that one half of our patients had specific antibodies directed against the zona pellucida, we did not find any consistent pattern of immunofluorescence to suggest that our patients had antibodies directed against the oocyte cytoplasm or the steroid producing cells of the ovary.

  • Perhaps this is because standard HRT may be insufficient to replace the full hormonal milieu produced by the ovary for some women, and other endogenous hormones may play a part in the female sexual response.

  • One of the most important concepts generated in the ovary BMP field is that oocyte derived GDF-9 [ 14 ] plays a role in the mechanisms governing the development of the second layer of GC i.e. the primary /secondary follicle transition.

  • Within this basic quartet are many other cell types such as the ovary surface epithelium and blood vessels in addition to the classic subtypes of granulosa (membrana, periantral, cumulus, and corona radiata), theca (interna and externa), and luteal cells (granulosa and theca lutein).

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