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  • A known intron in a similar position in an orthologous gene was considered a validation of correct position assignment.

  • The fusion was split into the individual component domains and phylogenetic trees were built for each of the corresponding orthologous sets from 32 complete microbial genomes (Figure 1, and see Materials and methods), including both fusion components and products of stand-alone genes.

  • Although human chromosome 15q11-q13 is noted for its exceptional instability, associated with human disease and chromosomal rearrangement, it is noteworthy that the orthologous site of rearrangement in the human genome did not correspond to one of the three major previously described common disease rearrangement breakpoints [ 11 12 21 22 ] . Similarly, probe RP11-88O16, distal of the previously characterized inv dup(15) breakpoint, and probes RP11-456J20 and RP11-758N13, which flank an additional inv dup(15) rearrangement breakpoint (S.

  • 6. For each sequence s in the gene tree (except Q ): Count the number of gene trees where s is orthologous to Q (see Figure 6for an illustration of steps 5. and 6.).

  • Comparative genomics and more specialized fields such as comparative virology, etc., involve the comparison of DNA sequences, genes and genomes [ 12 13 14 ] . Recent rapid data acquisition is allowing the analyses of whole genome sequences, especially the smaller genomes such as mitochondria and chloroplasts [ 15 16 17 ] , as well as the larger bacterial genomes [ 18 19 ] and large tracts of eukaryotic chromosomes, especially from related organisms [ 12 13 14 20 21 22 23 ] . These studies include the determination of the order of genes, i.e., co-linearity [ 24 25 ] , the location of synteny [ 26 27 28 ] and the identification of clusters of orthologous genes [cog] between two genomes [ 21 22 23 ] . Along similar lines of thought, it should be extremely useful to locate, identify and catalog the sets of "core" genes common to these genomes-genomes which otherwise may be related or semi-related or unrelated in other respects.

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