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  • The sequence immediately flanking the dnaA gene is considered the origin of chromosomal replication, or oriC region [ 9 10 ] . This region contains several genes that encode proteins required for basic cellular functions, including the protein subunit of RNase P (RnpA), ribosomal protein L34 (RpmH), the replication initiator protein (DnaA), the beta subunit of DNA polymerase III (DnaN), the recombination repair protein RecF, and the DNA gyrase proteins GyrA and GyrB.

  • Fuzznuc (EMBOSS; http://www.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk/Software/EMBOSS/index.html) was used to identify potential DnaA boxes in the M. paratuberculosis oriC region.

  • Primers were designed based on available M. avium strain 104 genomic sequence data http://www.tigr.orgfor the amplification of 11 genes in a contiguous ~11 kb M. paratuberculosis fragment surrounding the putative origin of replication ( oriC ). By this strategy, a total of 15 primer pairs were constructed for the amplification of 15 minimally overlapping fragments of ~800 bp in length for this region of the M. paratuberculosis genome.

  • The oriC of Gram-positive bacteria typically contains 10 - 30 of these DnaA boxes, often found in non-coding regions flanking the dnaA gene.

  • It is well recognized that the characterization of gene organization in the oriC region as well as the complete genome sequence will provide a springboard for addressing questions such as the nature of the slow growth rate of M. paratuberculosis as compared to the genetically related rapidly-growing mycobacteria.

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