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  • Subsequent to early studies that established the pheromonal qualities of male urine to synchronize estrous cycles of laboratory mice [ 2 ] , sexual maturation in female mice was shown to be accelerated by male pheromones [ 3 ] and retarded by female pheromones [ 4 ] . Pheromonal induction of first estrus in juvenile females has been reported in a variety of other mammals including prairie voles [ 5 ] , pigs [ 6 ] , and opossums [ 7 ] .

  • , TTGAT to TT AG T) of the native dmsA sequence, it nearly abolished the anaerobic induction of dmsA-lacZ expression (Figure 1, λJA257).

  • In response to the addition of DPPH (3 μM) to the culture media there was a marked induction in apoptosis as determined by ELISA and acridine orange assessment.

  • The B-subunit of DNA polymerase is encoded by dnaN . The recF gene product is involved in recombination, DNA repair, and induction of the SOS response, and may also have a role in replication [ 17 ] . Bacterial DNA gyrase, a tetramer consisting of A and B subunits, catalyzes the ATP-dependent unwinding of covalently closed circular DNA [ 18 ] . The remaining predicted ORFs in this region have high similarity to hypothetical proteins from M. tuberculosis (Table 1).

  • The induction of new vessels to supply ischemic tissues is the primary goal of angiogenic therapy.

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