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  • 5indicated that α 1S Δ1-700 alone was inactive.

  • Rab proteins comprise a large family of Ras-related GTPases that function in the anterograde and retrograde trafficking of proteins in mammalian cells [ 1 2 3 ] . Different Rab proteins reside in specific subcellular membranes or organelles, where they mediate vesicular transport between discrete donor and acceptor compartments in the endocytic or exocytic pathways [ 4 5 ] . Detailed studies of a few Rab proteins ( e.g .; Rab1, Rab5 and Rab9) have led to a general model wherein Rab proteins are presumed to cycle on and off donor and acceptor membranes in connection with changes in their guanine nucleotide state [ 6 7 8 ] . In the active GTP-bound state, Rab proteins associate with budding transport vesicles [ 9 10 11 ] and appear to participate in the assembly of membrane docking complexes [ 12 13 14 ] . Following vesicle fusion with the acceptor compartment and GTP hydrolysis, the inactive GDP-bound Rab is extracted from the membrane by a carrier protein termed guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor (GDI) [ 15 16 17 ] . The GTPase can then re-enter the transport cycle through nucleotide exchange promoted by a specific exchange factor at the donor vesicle membrane [ 18 19 20 ] . In addition to changes in guanine nucleotide state, the posttranslational prenylation of Rab proteins plays an important role in the cycling mechanism.

  • Springer and coworkers used a series of biochemical/biophysical experiments to suggest that the bent structure represents an inactive form of integrin (Takagi et al.

  • M6P/IGF2R allelic loss would therefore result in enhanced cellular bioavailability of this potent growth factor, thereby potentially increasing both cell proliferation and resistance to apoptosis [ 29 ] . The M6P/IGF2R also facilitates the activation of TGFβ, a potent cell growth inhibitor that is secreted in an inactive form (reviewed in [ 15 16 ] ). M6P/IGF2R mutation is therefore one mechanism by which cancer cells can become refractory to TGFβ's mitoinhibitory effect.

  • For example, the junction between the aptamer and the Group I ribozyme in the aptazyme Th2P6 resembled the deletion variant td ΔP6-6; the aptazyme was activated by theophylline, while the splicing defect of the deletion variant at 3 mM magnesium was suppressed by 8 mM magnesium or by stabilization of a tetraloop sequence that capped the P6 helix [ 15 ] . Defects that poise a ribozyme between active and inactive conformers have previously been used to engineer effector-dependence [ 20 ] .

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