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  • An association between autocrine IL-6 and PCA has been known for some time [ 16 17 ] . The change in prostate cell phenotype from paracrine IL-6-stimulated to autocrine IL-6-stimulated is believed to be a contributing factor in the progression from benign hyperplasia to neoplasia [ 17 ] . IL-6 is also implicated in the development of cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy in PCA patients [ 18 19 ] . In other studies, a chimeric protein consisting of an anti-IL-6 Ab fused to Pseudomonas exotoxin was found to inhibit proliferation of prostate carcinoma cell lines [ 20 ] . Exogenous IL-6 activated androgen responsive gene expression in the absence of androgens in human LNCaP cells [ 21 ] . More work is needed to clarify the role of IL-6 in prostate neoplasia.

  • To date, heterozygous inactivation of any of the other tumor suppressor genes implicated in breast cancer, including P53, Brca1, Brca2 , and Rb , has failed to cooperate with Wnt-1 in promoting the appearance of mammary tumors [reviewed in ref.

  • Androgen is essential for normal prostate function, but has also been implicated in the pathogenesis and neoplasia of prostate cancer [ 1 2 26 ] . On the other hand, retinoid is essential for normal prostate function [ 7 27 28 ] and exhibits anti-proliferative and chemopreventive efficacy in experimental prostate carcinoma [ 8 9 10 ] . The dose-dependent stimulation of 3H-thymidine incorporation in LNCaP cells by T and RA when administered alone, and reciprocal suppression of such effects by each other, are consistent with previous findings [ 29 30 31 32 ] . These results illustrate interactions between androgen and retinoid in the control of LNCaP cell growth.

  • Accumulating evidence has implicated virus-specific CTL in containing primary HIV/SIV infection and HIV-I/SIV-specific CD8+ CTL have been documented during the early weeks following infection, before a neutralizing Ab response is demonstrable [ 13] [ 14, 15, 16].

  • I have demonstrated that a gene coding for a bifunctional catalase-peroxidase is likely a transfer from archaea to a variety of pathogenic bacteria, including E. coli O157:H7 [ 9 ] . Although not yet directly implicated in O157:H7 as a virulence factor, this enzyme has been implicated as a virulence factor in Mycobacterium tuberculosis [ 24 26 ] , and in Legionella pneumophila [ 25 ] . Furthermore, this E. coli O157:H7 catalase-peroxidase has been associated with enterohaemorrhagic hemolysin in a variety of shiga-like toxin-producing (verotoxin-producing) E. coli [ 30 31 ] . This correlation of the presence of the catalase-peroxidase in many virulent but not in avirulent strains suggests a direct role in the virulence of enterohemorrhagic E. coli .

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