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  • In that study, the values for MHCs I, IIa, and IIx were not markedly different from those reported here for normal rat diaphragm by RT-PCR.

  • Although this shift toward a slower isoform is not as marked as that reported in humans [ 12 13 ] , in which MHC type I is upregulated and both IIa and IIx are downregulated, there is precedent for restricted MHC adaptation in rats.

  • It has been noted, for example, that IIx fibers have significantly higher SDH activity than IIb fibers [ 24 45 ] and, further, that IIb motor units are significantly more fatigue sensitive than IIx motor units [ 46 ] . Schiaffino et al.

  • Table 2demonstrates that, as determined by immunocytochemistry, emphysematous animals had a significantly lower percentage of fibers classified as IIb and a trend toward increased numbers of IIx and slow fibers.

  • Despite the demonstration of length adaptation [ 1 2 3 4 6 ] and fatigue resistance [ 2 3 6 ] in the diaphragms of emphysematous hamsters, not until very recently could a change in fiber type distribution be demonstrated [ 10 ] , and in that study histochemical classification was employed that could not separate out IIx from IIb fibers.

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