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  • Therefore, we tested the possibility that cCAF treatment leads to stability of the protein by stimulating decrease in matrix degrading enzymes.

  • Over the last decade, RNA interference (RNAi), mediated by short interfering double-stranded RNA molecules (siRNA or dsRNA), has been gradually recognized as a major mechanism of post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) in species as diverse as plants, Drosophila, and C. elegans [ 1 ] . Recently, 21-nucleotide long dsRNA molecules corresponding to specific mRNA sequences, when introduced into mammalian cells in culture, have been shown to be highly effective in degrading the cognate mRNAs and thus abrogating the expression of the corresponding proteins [ 2 ] . Although the exact mechanism of PTGS is currently unknown and is an area of intense research, the successful use of this phenomenon in cultured mammalian cells has raised the exciting prospect that it can be used as a simple strategy for phenotypic ablation of mammalian gene function ex vivo without the time-consuming and expensive construction of transgenic animals.

  • According to critics, tribal team names set Indians apart from the rest of humanity--romantically projecting them into the mythic past (along with Trojans, Vikings, Pirates , and the like) or else degrading them to the cartoonlike level of Mud Hens, Golden Gophers , and other fabulous beasts.

  • Miss Norman said the remark, which she insists she never made, held her up to ridicule, mockery, and contempt, and conformed to a "degrading racist stereotype of a person of African-American heritage."

  • To determine the type of sulfated GAG in the media, we designed a spectrophotometric assay using heparinase and heparitinase, specific degrading enzymes for heparin and HS, respectively (Fig.

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