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How can you use “defunct” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The FBI describes once-thriving operations in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and other major cities as virtually defunct.

  • (Although it is doubtful whether Greider is aware of the source of his ideas--as Keynes wrote, "Practical men, who believe themselves quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist."

  • In the Weald, haazes , the h dropped, is still used for haws . Occasionally, the close listener in autumn may also hear the pre-1939 generation call them harves . I am sixty-five, but when I was a boy living in the North Downland area south of Sittingbourne up to Maidstone, it was common to hear children calling haws arzey-garzeys , sometimes varied to azzy-gazzies . I haven't heard this for many years and I fear when my generation has “crossed over” this description, like my generation, will be defunct.

  • 4) The ABM treaty is defunct.

  • After presenting various systems of communication (signs, pictographs, rebuses, shorthand, tallies, Babylonian clay tokens, Peruvian quipus), Robinson discusses such ancient and now defunct but decipherable writing systems as Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Minoan Greek Linear B, and Mayan glyphs; ditto some of the more outstanding conundra awaiting decipherment--Cretan Linear A, Proto-Elamite, Etruscan, and the Easter Island and Indus scripts.

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