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  • In particular, a series of nested deletions of the P6 stem-loop have been shown to partially or completely compromise ribozyme activity [ 15 ] . More importantly, either magnesium or the tyrosyl tRNA synthetase from Neurospora mitochondria (CYT18) can suppress many of these defects [ 16 17 ] . Previous studies with other introns have also revealed that deletion of the P5 stem-loop can modulate ribozyme activity [ 18 19 ] . We hypothesized that sites where deletions modulated ribozyme activity might also prove to be sites where aptamer conformational changes would modulate ribozyme activity.

  • Other studies of Gulf War vets show no higher rates of hospitalization, birth defects, or death than among control groups that did not serve.

  • Other factors that may contribute include functional defects in antigen-specific cell-mediated immunity [35,37,40,41,42], and progressive immune escape [43,44,45].

  • As a partial list of failures, allow me to submit the notorious forced smoking experiments, which allowed cigarettes to be promoted widely for decades; the abject failure of a quarter-century of primate research on AIDS to provide any useful insights; the false leads and dangerous vaccines produced during polio research (verified by Albert Sabin, himself); the failure of primate studies to improve risks for birth defects and premature births; and the failure of monkey studies to identify nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug cardiovascular risk [1].

  • All ALMs that showed defects in axon morphology were anterior to position 6. Perhaps ALMs positioned anterior to position 6 sometimes fail to find their normal axon guidance cues.

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