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  • The following results support this hypothesis: 1) sα i2 and α i2 are equally labeled by a pulse of 3H-myristate, although much less sα i2 protein is detected; 2) sα i2 displays a propensity to localize to potential aggresome-like structures, and this localization is greatly enhanced by proteasome inhibitor treatment; 3) the α i2 A327S mutant, previously shown to be unstable and defective in guanine-nucleotide binding, shows a similar pattern of subcellular localization ( i.e., intracellular membranes rather than PM); 4) βγ over-expression increases expression of sα i2 and promotes PM localization of sα i2 and α i2 A327S, but βγ co-expression does not prevent sα i2 localization to potential aggresome-like structures when cells are treated with proteasome inhibitors; and 5) pulse-chase analysis indicates that sα i2 is rapidly degraded.

  • Targeted mutations of the Gad1 gene lead to defective development of the secondary palate [ 17, 18].

  • If the gun goes off from the half-cock position, the lock is defective.

  • sα i2 may exist in a state that does not interact well with βγ simply because it is in the process of being irreversibly inactivated [ 9 10 ] . Similarly, α i2 A327S appears not to be defective in its intrinsic ability to interact βγ [ 10 ] , and co-expression of βγ shifts α i2 A327S, like sα i2 , from intracellular to plasma membranes (Figure 8).

  • For example, T59A and T59S are both repressor-defective in vivo [ 7, 10], although there seems to be some disagreement as to exactly how defective T59S is for RNA binding in vitro [ 7, 11].

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