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How can you use “defective” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • But where the connection is understood, scientists are devising gene therapies that aim to eliminate disease by introducing healthy genes (isolated and reproduced in the laboratory) to compensate for the defective ones.

  • And, very importantly, is an unsuccessfully challenged animal partially immunized against further challenges, or, alternatively, do unsuccessful challenges facilitate future infection by “seeding” animals with defective proviruses that may recombine with complementing viruses upon subsequent exposures [44]?

  • A man whose defective moral sense included a grotesquely exaggerated loyalty to a limited number of people in his own family and in the slums.

  • Therefore, the changes in proliferation seen in the fetal Rag mutant thymocytes reflect the earliest microenvironment changes occurring as a result of defective TEC-thymocyte interactions in the Rag -/-thymus.

  • More recent observations support an alternative mechanism of action for the PrlA/SecY and PrlG/SecE suppressors [ 8 12 ] . First, PrlA/G-mediated suppression does not exhibit allele specificity; all prlA and all prlG alleles that have been examined suppress all signal sequence mutations, implying that suppression is not due to a specific altered interaction that allows recognition of a mutant signal sequence [ 8 12 ] . Furthermore, all of the prlA and prlG alleles suppress complete deletions of the signal sequence, suggesting that an interaction between the signal sequence and the Prl suppressor is not necessary for suppression or even for export [ 5 8 13 ] . Based on these observations, it was proposed that the PrlA and PrlG suppressors do not function through altered interactions with signal sequences, but rather by loss of recognition [ 8 12 ] . The wild type SecE and SecY proteins are thought to function in concert to proofread the signal sequence of secretory proteins, rejecting defective precursors from the export pathway.

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