Example sentences for: dealer

How can you use “dealer” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The groom, 31, graduated from New Hampshire College; he is an antiques dealer.

  • acecray outcray putting the ace on the bottom of the deck, where the dealer can abstract it bah-bah negligible object cake-slashing assault and mayhem century hundred dollars chippy dissolate girl chivvy unpleasant odor clip your tongue be silent cram the paper cheat at cards cut your chops mind your own business five hard a fist, or a punch frill girl, woman glued their traps remained silent going to the timbers retreating grand thousands dollars grease it pay bribe money, or blackmail hamburger down take it easy hock your skin make a difficult promise hootch liquor hotsprat trival but agreeable en- tertainment in the hole out of money lame your foot deprive you of assistance leathered kicked unfairly lippy-chaser a negro who prefers whites payman, a a cadet pinktail white person scrub face slide them into the eject them to the concrete sidewalk spreadeagle to knock down stick it capture something stick-stick defeated by the previous capture stretch jail term three-nine sexual variant thumb use the thumb to displace cards in a poker-game trip his muscle over-reach himself wraps, or skins, or strips dollars

  • The child of Hungarian World War II refugees, he started his career as a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer . He won fame by obtaining photographs of the My Lai massacre, then caught the eye of Rolling Stone with his bold crime stories.

  • Although critics detect shaky spots, they find the film "stirring, powerful, and thrilling," and call veteran poetry-slam champion Saul Williams' performance as a drug dealer/poet "eerily beautiful" (Joe Morgenstern, the Wall Street Journal ). USA Today 's Andy Seiler disagrees: "The movie drowns in self-indulgence and earnest speechifying."

  • The piece is accompanied by a picture of a local man visiting a car dealer to pick out a Porsche "just for variety" to go with the Porsche he bought just a few months ago.

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