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  • Among these domains, the motif was embedded in the context of conserved (predicted) β-strands only in the RDRPs and DDRPs.

  • The arrangement of the two DPBBs in the β and β' subunits suggests that, in the primordial ancestor of the DDRPs, the two DPBBs formed a "head-to-tail" homodimer that bound RNA at the domain interface.

  • Of these, four subunits, which correspond to the bacterial α, β, β' and ω, are universally present in all cellular DDRPs and constitute the conserved DDRP core [ 7 ] . Orthologs of the β and β' subunits are also encoded in the genomes of several families of large eukaryotic DNA viruses [ 33 34 35 ] . Biochemical studies have shown that the catalytic site of DDRP resides in the β' subunit and contains three invariant aspartates that coordinate a Mg 2+cation [ 22 23 24 36 ] . Recent structural analyses demonstrated that the core of DDRP is assembled around the β and β' subunits, which interact with each other to form a positively charged nucleic-acid-binding cleft.

  • Further visual examination and structural alignments revealed the presence of one additional SBHM domain in the β subunit (1iw7 chain C: region 592-659) and several repeats of this domain in the β' subunit (1iw7 chain D, regions: 163-195, 248-308, 311-368, 369-419 and 1270-1329) of the bacterial DDRPs (Fig.

  • In the eukaryotic DDRP complex, these subunits occupy a spatial position very similar to that of the α-subunit homodimer of the bacterial DDRPs.

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