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  • The AT-hook is a simple, small protein module that consists of a flap-like structure with a positively charged surface that is inserted into the minor groove of DNA [ 74 ] . The two AT-hook-like modules (residues 583-603 of 1IW7 chain D) in the DDRP β' subunit are inserted within the α-helix that is located immediately upstream of the DPBB domain (Fig.

  • The α subunit further stabilizes this cleft, whereas the ω subunit interacts with the β' subunit [ 7 ] . Given their ubiquitous presence in all cellular life forms and high level of sequence conservation, it seems evident that the core subunits of this complex RNA synthesis machine were already present in the last universal common ancestor (LUCA) of the extant cellular life forms and performed functions mechanistically similar to those of modern DDRP.

  • The SCOP database, while classifying the DDRP subunits in the multidomain category, recognizes two DPBBs in the DDRP complex.

  • Of these, four subunits, which correspond to the bacterial α, β, β' and ω, are universally present in all cellular DDRPs and constitute the conserved DDRP core [ 7 ] . Orthologs of the β and β' subunits are also encoded in the genomes of several families of large eukaryotic DNA viruses [ 33 34 35 ] . Biochemical studies have shown that the catalytic site of DDRP resides in the β' subunit and contains three invariant aspartates that coordinate a Mg 2+cation [ 22 23 24 36 ] . Recent structural analyses demonstrated that the core of DDRP is assembled around the β and β' subunits, which interact with each other to form a positively charged nucleic-acid-binding cleft.

  • Visual examination of the structure of this insert domain revealed a topology with elements of both a sandwich and a barrel, and two "waist"-like structures that are characteristic of the sandwich-barrel hybrid motif (SBHM) fold [ 75 76 ] (see also the SCOP database [ 65 ] ). The SBHM fold is present in biotin/lipoate carrier domains and their homologs found in a variety of enzymes and transporters [ 76 ] . A DALI search with this insert domain from the β subunit of Thermus DDRP showed similarity to the SBHMs from various biotin/lipoate-binding enzymes, such as acetyl-CoA carboxylase (1bdo) or dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase (1iyu) with Z scores of ~6 and RMSD ~2.

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