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  • The SCOP database, while classifying the DDRP subunits in the multidomain category, recognizes two DPBBs in the DDRP complex.

  • Visual examination of the structure of this insert domain revealed a topology with elements of both a sandwich and a barrel, and two "waist"-like structures that are characteristic of the sandwich-barrel hybrid motif (SBHM) fold [ 75 76 ] (see also the SCOP database [ 65 ] ). The SBHM fold is present in biotin/lipoate carrier domains and their homologs found in a variety of enzymes and transporters [ 76 ] . A DALI search with this insert domain from the β subunit of Thermus DDRP showed similarity to the SBHMs from various biotin/lipoate-binding enzymes, such as acetyl-CoA carboxylase (1bdo) or dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase (1iyu) with Z scores of ~6 and RMSD ~2.

  • Thus, it appears likely that the ancestral DDRP evolved from the coalescence of at least 3 distinct domains: i) the DPBB that probably originally bound RNA and, subsequently, segregated into the cores of the β' subunit, where it acquired the metal-coordinating active site, and of the β subunit, with the two lysines projecting into the catalytic cleft (Fig.

  • Examination of the recently solved structures of the DDRP showed that, although β' subunit is a large protein, the active site containing the DxDGD motif mapped to a small, compact β-barrel domain.

  • A comparison of the RDRP and DDRP sequences using the Gibbs sampling method identified two conserved blocks, which were highly statistically significant (E < 10 -16) within the analyzed sequence set.

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