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  • In these new experiments flies were reared in DD and in temperature cycles (12-hr 27°C: 12-hr 18°C).

  • Previous studies of cryptochrome's chronobiological role in Drosophila emphasized that CRY may function as a deep brain photoreceptor involved in mediating resetting of the clock by light [ 26 ] . Support for this hypothesis came from the observation that locomotor-activity rhythms in cry b flies are unaffected in constant darkness and also maintain rhythmicity under constant light, a condition that causes behavioral arrhythmicity in the wild type [ 33 ] . While antennal rhythms of gene expression and of odor sensitivity in DD are significantly attenuated in cry b tissues ( [ 23 ] , unlike locomotor rhythmicity [ 21 ] ), it remained possible that such effects are due to an altered role of light on the developing clock.

  • Under DD conditions, less REMS was present in cry1,2 -/-mice than in cry1,2 +/+mice (119 ± 7 vs. 149 ± 9 min, P < 0.03, unpaired t-test) due to an increase in REMS in cry1,2 +/+mice in DD (149 ± 9 min) relative to LD (113 ± 10 min, P < 0.03, paired t-test).

  • To address this possibility, we reared experimental subjects and prepared antennal samples in a temperature cycle (27°C:18°C) in DD and then tested the antennal samples in constant darkness at a constant warm temperature 27° (here called HH - for constant high temperature - to distinguish this experiment from the standard LD rearing->DD tests described above).

  • From a more quantitative perspective, the mean RI value resulting from the DD monitorings was decreased by an order of magnitude in the cry b mutation compared to cry +for tim-luc as well as BG-luc activity (see Table 2).

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