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How can you use “also” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • It is known that decreased pH or increased P i results in a rightward shift in the force-pCa 2+relation [ 23 24 25 ] . It has been shown for both pH and P i that the shift is more evident at room temperature than at physiological temperature [ 26 27 28 ] . This factor may also explain why potentiation is less during staircase at 22°C than at 35°C - in fact Martyn and Gordon [ 29 ] have shown an interdependence of changes in Ca 2+sensitivity associated with pH, and length.

  • I believe he also wrote Those Dirty Rotten Prices , a lively chronicle of courageous shoplifters.

  • This convention has been applied where the size of the data set may be small (at most 180 data points in luciferase studies, for instance) making the confidence limit unrealistically high [ 13 ] . Thus, given a regular rise and fall in the correlogram, we would consistently consider those data to be rhythmic [see [ 37 38 ] for more detail, also see [ 10 39 ] ]. While this assessment of rhythmicity is subjective (in contrast to the objective cutoff imposed by the 95% confidence interval), we guard against investigator bias by evaluating each record "blind" to genotype or treatment.

  • We also chart the critical consensus about books, movies, art, and music in "Summary Judgment" and spare you from having to watch the Sunday talk shows by offering you the gist in "Pundit Central" (check in Sunday evening to prepare for Monday sessions at the water cooler).

  • In addition to apoptotic signaling, the Fas/FasL system may also be involved in proliferation.

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