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  • In addition to the hydroxyl amino acid residues, acidic residues may also be an important sequence element for alpha-2 adrenergic receptor phosphorylation and regulation [ 27 28 ] . The region from 300 to 313 in the opossum alpha-2C receptor, which encompasses the EESSTSE motif, is a high acidic region, with 50% (seven of fourteen) of the residues being acidic amino acids (Figure 2).

  • 113 nM) and similar to the previously reported K d of 0.056 nM for the wild-type alpha-2 receptor for [ 3H]rauwolscine in NaPO 4 buffer [ 23 ] . Inhibition experiments with [ 3H]rauwolscine indicated that the affinity of norepinephrine for the mutated receptors was approximately two-fold higher (lower K d value) than for wild-type receptor (Figure 3).

  • A motif with four hydroxyl amino acid residues in an acidic environment appears to be important for down-regulation of the alpha-2C adrenergic receptor.

  • Evidence suggests that alpha-1 antagonists are frequently prescribed for hypertension, but there are few published data concerning the prevalence of the routine use of peripheral alpha-1 antagonists, the prevalence according to co-morbid conditions such as benign prostatic hypertrophy and the usual duration of therapy.

  • Alpha-Crystallin is comprised of two polypeptides, alphaA-crystallin (alphaA) and alphaB-crystallin (alphaB), which share 55% amino acid sequence homology [ 1 ] . They are the most abundant proteins in lens fiber cells [ 2 3 ] and exist as heteroaggregates of approximately 800 kDa that can undergo inter-aggregate subunit exchange [ 4 ] . The expression of these two proteins in the lens epithelium, however, is not uniform throughout different regions of the anterior epithelium.

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