Example sentences for: alluding

How can you use “alluding” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • "One still can't escape the feeling that Microsoft knows something is coming and is positioning itself," said a CNNfn correspondent the day of the handover, alluding to a hypothetical court-ordered breakup.

  • "Administered by some of the most eminent men who contributed to its formation," Adams said, alluding to his own father, "..

  • He was alluding to a rarely spoken but widely known truth: There are two cultural styles of basketball, which we can conveniently label with the familiar code words "inner city" and "suburban."

  • Alluding to a verbal dyad, Lamar Alexander called them "Weasel words, cleverly and deliberately put together to confuse people by meaning nothing."

  • Few people today know what he meant by the lovely word sublunary . Literally, it means "beneath the moon," and Johnson was alluding to an ancient, widespread belief that there was an unbreachable division between the cosmos, thought to be pristine, lawful, and unchanging, and our grubby, chaotic Earth below.

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