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  • It was demonstrated that one group of antimitotic agents, vinca alkaloids, bind with similar affinity to all β-tubulin isotypes [ 12 ] , thus suggesting for therapy with vinorelbine, vinblas-tine, or vincristine that tubulin isotype levels are incidental for efficacy.

  • The use of Justicia secunda for rashes has been previously recorded [ 52 ] . Different species have yielded steroids, lignans, betaine, triterpenoids, coumarins, dihydrocoumarin, umbelliferone and 3-(2-hydroxyphenyl) propionic acid alkaloids and flavonoids [ 90 91 92 ] . Coumarins and flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties [ 38 11 ] . Wounds on Wistar rats treated with organic and aqueous extracts of Justicia pectoralis showed intermediate swelling in comparison to wounds treated with coumarin isolated from the plant extract (least swelling) and the controls [ 93 ] . This study supported local usage for wound-healing properties.

  • Siparuma guianensis wood contains oxoaporphine alkaloids (liriodenine and cassamedine) [ 128 ] . The leaves contain an essential oil consisting of furanosesquiterpenes (mainly cruzerenones), myristicin (8%) and cruzerene (0.

  • Aframomum melegueta has been previously recorded as a stimulant [ 50 ] . Caribs of Dominica used Aframomum granum-paradisi leaves on their bodies while they were bathing and the plant was also given to their hunting dogs [ 16 ] . Seeds were put into rum as a 'chauffe' to excite dogs [ 16 ] . Aframomum granum-paradisi contains alkaloids (piperine), essential oils and resins [ 54 ] .

  • Scorpion venom when injected exerts a strong inflammatory response [ 11 ] . Many plant species used against stings contain compounds with antiinflammatory properties, flavonoids (rutin, hesperidin, quercetin), coumarins (bergapten), coumestans (wedelolactone), triterpenes, sterols and saponins [ 38 11 ] . The mechanism of action of the flavonoids is based on the inhibition of enzymatic steps in the arachidonic acid cascade [ 38 ] . Plant compounds that are immunostimulants at very low doses are some alkaloids, quinones, isobutylamides, phenolcarboxylic acid esters and terpenoids [ 39 ] . Other plant compounds with immunostimulatory effects are sesquiterpene lactones [ 40 ] . Many polysaccharides and glycoproteins enhance the unspecific immune system by activating the phagocytotic activity of granulocytes and macrophages, or by inducing cytokine production or influencing complement factors [ 39 ] .

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