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How can you use “afferents” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • These afferents enter the spinal cord through the thoracic dorsal spinal roots and provide essential information to the central nervous system on intercostal muscle mechanics.

  • In the present study, the 2° afferents were found to discharge with a slope of 0.6 spikes·sec -1/μm·msec -1and were the least sensitive of the three types of respiratory mechanoreceptors to dynamic changes in intercostal muscle fiber length.

  • The MF decrease may be the effect of the centrally generated progressive alteration of the activation of individual MNs as the relaxation time increases; this may be explained by the withdrawal of the tonic fusimotor driven spindle-support via the fusimotor loop [ 23 ] . As the muscle afferents provide up to 30% excitation to the MN, it seems that this mechanism stays as an important provision of intervention.

  • Afferents were classified as Golgi tendon organs if electrical stimulation of the adjacent extrafusal muscle fibers caused the receptor to increase its discharge frequency.

  • Matthews [ 10 ] described a frequency range for two 2° afferents to be approximately 45 - 185 spikes/sec with velocity changes of 1.2 mm/sec to 100 mm/sec to a final length change of 6 mm in the soleus muscle of the cat.

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