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How can you use “adept” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Alternatively, an adept supplier who uses information for planning, production, and distribution may well share in the competitive advantages derived from better information on the true state of final customer demand.

  • Our social skills are already being honed in childhood and early adolescence, when we quickly become very adept at forming and breaking alliances within and between groups and spend much of our time engaged in complex social interactions.

  • Children are especially adept at learning to use hypnosis, [ 10 13 23 ] which may account for the high rate of reported success.

  • For example, a cephalosporin-doxorubicin prodrug was 9-fold less toxic than free doxrubicin against tumor cells in vitro, but caused tumor regression when tested in tumor xenograft models [ 40 ] . A cephalosporin-vinca alkaloid prodrug was 5-fold less toxic than the free drug against tumor cells in vitro, but was highly effective in tumor xenograft models in vivo [ 41 ] . When taxol was conjugated to a cephalosporin, the resulting prodrug was approximately 10-fold less toxic than free taxol against tumor cells in vitro [ 36 ] . Thus, prodrug 2 has the potential to be useful in cancer treatment using the ADEPT approach.

  • If you’ve become an adept of the tea ceremony, you’ll appreciate the excellent collection of 14th-century objects: ceramic tea bowls, tea kettles, and caddies, as well as bamboo spoons, whisks, and flower vases.

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